Carlijn Kingma

In November 2016 I graduated from Delft University of Technology at the faculty of Architecture. But although I felt highly attracted to the architectural practice, I chose to be an architect in an alternative way. Behind my drawing table, I try to create worlds in order to understand this world around me – in which we can feel so lost. Fictional, philosophical, but most of all architectural worlds full of ideas, stories and suggestions. Together these fictional worlds all reflect on, contest or question modern society. They have multiple dimensions, mapping social, political and power structures around us, and although they are fictional, they are also recognizable and readable through the metaphorical language of architecture. The fictional worlds become alternative maps to understand the real world and navigate through her, they could help us find our way home, or prevent us from getting lost inside the contradictions and the complexity of modernity. Almost like cartography, the worlds act as a tool: a tool to navigate your way home; to anywhere or St. Elsewhere. A tool to map history to understand where we come from or, perhaps, to explore roads to where we could go tomorrow.

Hence, the main objective of my work is to map all kind of structures, processes and phenomena that dominate our world, and expose or highlight them through drawn up worlds, in order to, eventually, collectively understand and be able to improve them. On this website you can find some of the alternative maps and stories I have been working on recently.


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